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Best Cities for Single Women

Women looking for a fresh start and a new relationship will appreciate these cities which offer many recreational establishments, such as bars, music venues, and performing arts centers, and have higher percentages of unmarried men.

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We determined the best cities for single women by comparing the 541 cities in our database across 3 categories. Each category is evaluated over a range of metrics with each metric being judged on a different point scale, as indicated below. Cities that receive the maximum points for each metric are determined to be the most desireable and appear higher in the list.

Recreational Activities - Total Points: 62

  • Bars per household1 - Points: 18
  • Restaurants per household2 - Points: 18
  • Performing arts centers per household3 - Points: 6
  • Music venues4 - Points: 6
  • Performing arts centers3 - Points: 6
  • Music venues per capita4 - Points: 6

Single Men - Total Points: 31

  • Proportion of population that is unmarried5 - Points: 15
  • Proportion of population that is male6 - Points: 15

Costs - Total Points: 8

  • Sales tax7 - Points: 8
Points doubled for fun calculation
Points doubled for value calculation